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To continue to fund the work that we do, Kay Blada Recycling is introducing a plastic credit program for Earth Day 2021.

What is a plastic credit?

Similar to a carbon credit, a plastic credit offsets the amount of plastic you use per month. For example, if you use 19.2 pounds of plastic per month (the US average), Kay Blada Recycling can collect that equivalent of ocean-bound plastic out of rivers and canals in Haiti for $27.20 each month (19.2lbs x $1.41/lb). Plastic credits are not intended to be a "free pass" for plastic usage, but rather as an offset while you actively aim to reduce the amount of plastic you use. When you sign up for a KBR Plastic Credit, we'll email you a survey to help you track your progress!


Why sign up for a monthly plastic credit?

The average American uses approximately 231 pounds of plastic per year. That is the equivalent of 11,347 plastic water bottles. Plastic is a pervasive and growing problem in our environment, and this complicated issue requires a multifaceted solution. Plastic credits are here to help be a part of the solution! With a plastic credit, you can help fund the cleanup of your monthly plastic usage while working to minimize your waste.


Plastic pollution in Cap Haitien, Haiti.

What will my Plastic Credit do?

A plastic credit pays for the recycling of 19.2 pounds of plastic per month (the average American's consumption). Your monthly plastic credit will allow Kay Blada Recycling to provide jobs to the people of Haiti, collect plastic that would otherwise end up in our ocean or burned, and educate local schoolchildren about recycling and environmental stewardship. Your credit will also help KBR continue its mission and expand operations in Haiti.

How much is a Plastic Credit, and how did we get our calculations?

A plastic credit with Kay Blada Recycling costs $27.20 per month. The average US citizen uses 105 kg of plastic per year (231.485 pounds). It costs Kay Blada Recycling $1.41 to recycle a pound of plastic. Therefore, the cost to recycle one American's plastic for one year is $326.39 (231.485 pounds * $1.41). That's $27.20 per month.

Kay Blada's goal is to reduce plastic pollution. By purchasing a plastic credit, you can help reduce your impact on the environment and provide dignified jobs in the process.

Set up your plastic credit now

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