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Johnson "Blada" Desauguste, the founder of Kay Blada, grew up in Hinche, Haiti. Growing up in Haiti, Blada witnessed both the extreme poverty and environmental devastation that plagues the country, as well as the well-intentioned yet misdirected actions of the multitude of NGOs that function there. Blada's experiences led him to create a non-profit that focuses on the community in which it operates, with the goal of educating and employing Haitian citizens while reducing plastic waste.

"My goal is to have plastic trash under control."
    - Johnson "Blada" Desauguste
Founder of Kay Blada

When Kay Blada was founded in December 2015, Blada had very little funding to get his project going. He began working to make sure that he could find community members to work with him, find a warehouse in Hinche, have his staff trained, and create relationships with companies in Port au Prince. The first year was difficult, mostly due to lack of funds and lack of face to face communication with the staff and companies in Haiti.

"We're still in the phase of educating the people...letting them know how important this project is for the community."
    - Johnson "Blada" Desauguste
Founder of Kay Blada

Now, Blada has built lasting relationships with recycling companies in both the US and Haiti, reached hundreds of donors, and is able to travel to Haiti about every three months. He regularly attends community events and environmental conferences to further Kay Blada's cause, and is looking forward to continuing his mission of reducing unemployment and plastic waste in Haiti.

Blada currently lives in Snow Camp, NC, with his wife and son.

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